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Our Company Polytrans S.A. was established in 1998 by a small group of young technologists and sales managers; since the beginning of its activities it has taken a stand of the trader of additives, stabilizers and plasticizers for PVC compounds and rubbers.
By today our Company has been the well known yet as a constant and stable partner who does declare only that it really does.

Five keys of our success are as follows:

1) High and stable quality of the products we offer
All our products are delivered by suppliers stable and well-tried by years of the intensive partnership. Nevertheless we ALWAYS do check up technical parameters of each lot having been delivered.

2) Flexible range of the products
Thanks to our long-term and amicable relations with the suppliers we are able to varying technical parameters of the products to satisfy requirements of our customers. Upon their demand we can always find any needed product but being kept the level of the agreed price.

3) Low and reasonable prices
Examine our price-list: most of our products are absolutely out of competition.

4) Terms of delivery are very specific and strictly observed
We always have got at our warehouse backlog of the most demanded products;
For the constant customers we have the stocked backlog of monthly consumption;
A unique scheme of interne forecast deliveries permits us to shorten deadlines to minimum.

5) Last but principal:
Complete satisfaction of our customers.
Let you become our customer and you will be convinced!!!

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